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This chapter is dedicated to those projects in which I take part; generally speaking this is what I do:

1)Creation and providing a promotion for internet sites. I am involved in creating sites; you can see the examples below. The prices are more than reasonable; also if it is needed I can provide any type of promotion for your web sites.

2) Trainings. I have mentioned about them in the chapter “Sport”.

3) Politics. I hope that I will be able to succeed in this sphere. You have already understood what a purposeful person I am. We will fight till the end and then we will see who is going to win. I have decided to become a member of the party following my own beliefs. Today, this party as a newly born child, it is simply pure. It depends only on us what will happen with it tomorrow

4) Am a director and promoter of sports club "Grigo GYM"

5) I'am always in searches something new & always open for your projects.