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This chapter is dedicated to the kind of sport such as Thailand Box Muay Tay that I have been practicing for the most part of my life.

Video of fights:

At present, I am the Honored Master of Sports of Thailand Box. My titles: the champion of the world, the twice champion of Europe, the champion of the K-1 Hungarian World Grand Prix, the repeated Thai Boxing Ukrainian champion.

All who want to learn how to stand up for yourself, become a sportsman, or simply improve your body; I invite you to visit my trainings. In April 2014. after a long and hard work, I organized a sports club "Grigo GYM". There I created something I lacked for so long, a sports center with a good and a fun atmosphere, a meeting place for people with same interests, and the interest they have - a healthy lifestyle and sports. Adres: Odessa, lane Onilova 18.