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Born April 15, 1983. in Odessa (Ukraine). In the school I went to 6 years. Since 1997. I began to study Thai boxing "Muay Thai". In 1998 I spent my first competition. December 27, 2001. I was given the title of Master of Sports of Ukraine, May 13, 2003. I was given the title of Master of Sports of international class 03, 2009 - the title of Honored Master of Sports. In the ring, I spent a very long time, and has performed in professional boxing and amateur. Has won many titles, the highest of which is: world champion, twice European champion, the European Grand Prix K-1, a multiple champion of Ukraine tai boxing. In 2000. successfully passed the entrance exams and enrolled in OSEU to EFE on a budgetary basis. In 2005. graduated with a master's degree. In 2011. graduated from Lviv State University of Physical Culture, Sports Department, where he received a second degree.  In addition to a business career, is rapidly developing its own group of athletes who train since 2003. In April 2014 opened the first gym "Grigo GYM", which immediately had grown popular. As a result, we have opened a free summer playground and began to hold free trenings of different types of martial arts. In the start of 2015 opened a second room network "Grigo GYM", in summer 2015 - third hall. From 2011 to 2013 he worked at the Department of Fiz.vospitaniya and sports in ONEU. Since 2006 he is a member of the Supreme Council of "Ukrainian Internet Party". June 2, 2006. married Victoria Rassadkin, after 3 years of happy married life, October 01, 2009. we had a daughter, Alina, and on September 16, 2012 a son Daniel.